MBTI Personality Type Animals


  • INTP: Owl
  • ESTP: Fox
  • ISFP: Sloth
  • ENTJ: Lion
  • ISFJ: Deer
  • INTJ: Octopus
  • ISTP: Cat
  • ESFP: Otter
  • INFJ: Wolf
  • ENFP: Dolphin
  • ESTJ: Honey Bee
  • ISTJ: Beaver
  • ENFJ: Dog
  • INFP: Meerkat
  • ENTP: Parrot
  • ESFJ: Elephant

What’s Your Animal Personality Type?

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#accurate #I'm pretty much a sloth there's no denying it

Audrey Hepburn, 1950.
Audrey Hepburn, 1950.
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you defs should look up all the musicals theyre great! mint chocolate chip and flapjack both perfect things that belong with each other. Ummm i guess my favorite country has been france. I really want to move there someday and work for an animation company there. theyre such a top tier animation country /cries

Ahh oh man you’re right. Gobelins man…so perfect :’)

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My friends call me Suze, my favorite colorS are green, blue green and orange! My favorite musical is umm gosh probably Chicago or The Producers. They're both so funny and great!! OH WAIT NO MY FAVORITE IS THE BOOK OF MORMON I've actually seen it on Broadway its amazing I loved it. Fave thing ever the end. (they're all 3 amazing and good) My favorite ice cream flavor is between mint chocolate chip and moose tracks I don't have a cat and I've been to 14 different countries!?!?!?!

Hey! :D 

Ahh I haven’t seen any of those. But I’ve heard how great Book of Mormon is from lots of people. But if all three are good I should probably look into all of ‘em XD 

Good good flavors ^u^ mint chocolate chip (the green kind) always made me think of the misadventures of flapjack for some reason. 

Ah wow that’s really cool! Do you have a favorite country out of the ones you’ve been?

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doubledamnit said: It’s a homemade flavor at one of our local shops, they have a lot of cool ones like rosemary olive oil, etc. My cats are named Sam and Max! Also it was 91 before I took the ritalin, that sentence is a little odd, lol.

Ah man, I’ll have to find somewhere else that makes it. 

haha XD like “it” could be anything. Part of your blood pressure count or something.

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generous-infatuation said: Company is set in the 60s, which is probably the main selling point to me. It’s really funny, and the version I saw of it starred Neil Patrick Harris and a whole bunch of other super talented peeps (didn’t see it live saw the recording in the cinema)

generous-infatuation said:What’s your other dog’s name?

Ah that’s great ^u^ sometimes a certain time period really strikes a chord with you so I can see how you’d get that connection. 

Her names is Cocoa and she is also cute but also infinitely more irritating. She does this thing where every time someone comes to the door and both dogs start freaking out, she will start nipping at Cookie’s face incessantly until you pull them apart. 

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We kind of talk but whatever! I'm Christy. I like black and tan (the drink and the colors). Guys and Dolls is my favorite and least favorite musical, depending on the production. I like curried coconut ice cream and I have two cats. My typing score is 91wpm and 94wpm after 2 tabs of ritalin.

Ayyy ^u^ yeah whatever these are still fun questions. The only time I saw Guys and Dolls was a shitty high school production so I’m not sure how good of an exposure I got to it…I barely remember it actually. Ahh what!? That sounds like a great ice cream flavor I need to try that! Where do you get that stuff? What are your cats called? Nice, what’s it before? I can’t remember mine, I’ll have to retake the test..

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Don’t be upsetti, have some spaghetti

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I'm Kiah. My favourite colour is red. My favourite musical is Company. My favourite ice cream flavour is cookies and cream. I have a cat named Poppy. Poppy was needing on my chest this morning and I came to the sad realisation that that's all the action I'm ever gonna get. Same questions to you!

Hi Kiah ^u^ Oh I haven’t seen Company (although I haven’t really seen that many musicals to begin with). What do you like about it? How long has that been your favorite flavor? 

Poppy is such a cute name! Aw don’t be sad, cat action is the best and only action that is acceptable tbh. You are very lucky :) 

ah ok!….should I answer them here or…I’ll just answer here. I like green and my favorite musical is Phantom (but like I said I haven’t seen that many). Any ice cream that is some sort of peanut butter and chocolate combo I like and I do not have a cat. But I do have two dogs! They are both family dogs but the one that is technically mine is named Cookie and she’s too cute for her own good but she is actually sort of catlike in some ways. She’s not very affectionate and tends to be very standoffish. 

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dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me



Who are you

Whats your favorite color

Favorite musical

Favorite ice cream flavor

Do you have a cat

Random fact about you


reblogging again bc I already got some from really cute people, but it makes me unreasonably happy to read these from you SO KEEP ON SENDING THEM

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